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My Background

After my studies I started my maritime career but due to family reason I had to stop sailing the seven seas and instead studied at the graphic art academy. After years of experience gained as industrial photographer, after my retirement I returned to my first love, painting and drawing which gives more freedom to fantasy then photography. During my career i made many photographs which I use now as a base for my artworks.Like many artists I have often turned to nature and history for my subject matter and like to paint the many moods of nature or the changes in urban life.

Also old masters such as the Brueghels, Jacob Ruysdael or Avercamp often  influence  my works.

When I was active as photographer I lived, besides in my home country the Netherlands, in Italy, France and Spain. Since a few years I live in the Philippines.


My Medium

I use acrylic paint, pastels and pencils as my main medium.


My Inspiration

I enjoy reading and learning about the stile of painters such as Parmigianino

and Pieter Brueghel the Elder.

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Art as an investment

Investing in art is growing in popularity. According to Deloitte' 2018 Art & Finance Report total U.S. investment in art is expected to reach over $ 2.8 trillion by 2026.

Does investing in Art Make sense for your Financial Plan?First you must think about what kind of art you'd like to invest in. For instance are you attracted to contemporary artists? Or the Old Masters? Do you want to invest in well known artists or are you hoping to discover the next Rembrandt?

Will you invest in Drawings? Or are you interested in Oil paintings?

You do not need a degree in fine art or art history to become an art investor but at a minimum you should have a basic understanding of mediums, styles and artistic eras.

Another very important point is: How much can you reasonably afford to invest.

In the high end of the market  a work of art can easily sell for millions of dollars. According to experts in 2017 was the average auction price for an traditional piece of art $ 27.600. If that is not realistic for your investment budget you may need to consider lower cost alternatives, such as purchasing art from local or on line galleries. On line galleries offer access to up-end-coming artists as well as established artists at prices that may be more appropriate for a beginning art investor's budget.

From a return perspective, art is like any other investment and there's a certain degree of risk involved.  According to Deloitte, the biggest risk to the global art market are political and economic uncertainty. Instability in these areas can affect artwork pricing and trading. But art has a low correlation to investment instruments such as stocks, meaning it has the potential to remain stable or increase when the stock market declines.

How to place an order for an Original Drawing or Painting.

Click the shopping cart at the top right of the artwork page. You will be taken to your shopping cart page. If you like to ad more items to your cart click Continue Shopping.  If you are ready to purchase the selected artwork(s) click proceed to Checkout.

You may also send an e-mail to confirm and I will give you all the required information. 

Collecting is an art.

Collecting is an art. Because  collecting art needs expertise. My ideal interlocutor is the art lover who is well aware that his or her art collection  reflects ones culture, style and sensibility. A person used to developing strategies to achieve his aims.  I like to work with  art lovers who are creating a highly prestigious collection and with companies that want to furnish executive spaces in a manner that benefits the image of refinement  and power they intend to convey to the public.

The true art lover has trained his eyes to see art and understand all its poetry, with intelligence and sensitivity.

The works of art I offer are my own and come with signed certificate of authenticity. 

Here a few important facts.

Here a few facts about when you decide to acquire one of my works. I will give you the final costs, including shipping. You will receive an invoice payable via credit card, wire transfer or PayPal . Once your payment has been received you will receive an e-mail conforming the receipt and you will be updated on your purchase and you will receive tracking information.

Artworks normally arrive withing 15 business days counted from the day of order, depending on the destination of the artwork as well as the time it takes to clear customs if the artwork is shipped internationally. You may expect the delivery time of unframed drawings to be between 6 to 15 business days from time of shipping. Shipping time will vary as delivery speed depends on the customs requirements of the country of destination. Also in some countries the customs clearing may take as long as 30 business days. Please check your governments international shipping policies for detailed information.

It is helpful to review the artwork descriptions listed for details. For further assistance please take note that drawings when the work is on drawing or sketch paper the artwork will be shipped in a hard plastic container and need to be taken to a framer. Drawings sketched on hardboard  are framed and ready to hang, while a streched canvas painting might be framed, see the description. Both works will arrive flat and are ready to hang.

I always ship my artworks by FedEx, DHL or UPS.

I will always put my name and the year when the artwork was made on the image side and ond the reverse side my signature, the exact date when this work was created and the title. You will together with the artwork receive a certificate of authenticity with my signature and an exact description of the work.

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